Oyster Sentinel
Perkinsus Marinus

Perkinsus marinus (Dermo) is the causative agent of a fatal disease of oysters. To see its distribution, prevalence and intensity in the Gulf of Mexico select an area of interest. Displays show station information, water temperature and salinity, and disease prevalence and intensity of juvenile and commercial sized oysters. Disease hotspots, where significant oyster mortalities are likely, are highlighted in red. Yellow indicates disease levels that are of concern, whereas green represents infections that are unlikely to result in oyster mortalities.

Knowledge of disease intensity can be used to manage oyster crops. For example, heavily-infected populations of oysters can be harvested and marketed before they are killed by disease or transplanted to low-salinity leases where they have a greater chance of survival. To learn more about the Dermo assay click here.

2Apalachicola Bay29.647483-84.998474
3Aransas Bay28.110749-97.003784
4Barataria Bay29.361830-89.924469
5Breton Sound29.572263-89.494629
6Caillou Lake29.240874-90.937958
7Charlotte Harbor26.755421-82.131042
8Corpus Christi Bay27.791706-97.279816
9Galveston Bay29.506549-94.839478
10Lake Calcasieu29.857319-93.320618
11Lower Laguna Madre26.018532-97.193298
12Matagorda Bay28.536275-96.341858
13Mississippi Sound30.224662-89.300995
14Pensacola Bay30.382353-87.164154
15Sabine Lake29.885900-93.838348
16San Antonio Bay28.282615-96.723633
17Terrebone Bay29.174946-90.488892
18Vermillion Bay29.623609-91.958313