Oyster Sentinel
Welcome to Oyster Sentinel

Oyster Sentinel is a web-based community which uses the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica, to monitor the environmental health of estuaries along the Gulf of Mexico. The eastern oyster and its principal parasite Perkinsus marinus, are bio-indicators of mesohaline salinity regimes, and their distributions can be used to evaluate the Freshwater Resources needed to sustain oysters, control parasites and predators, and support other estuarine-dependent organisms. Modeling tools are provided to assess the impact of salinity alterations on oyster habitat, select sites for reef restoration, and estimate sustainable harvests.

The website was established in 2007 by Thomas M. Soniat (tsoniat@uno.edu) and the late Sammy M. Ray to promote the health of estuaries along the Gulf of Mexico.